Convalescing Patients

What if you end up in the Emergency Room, and you need help to watch over the house or bring you personal items.

Admiral Concierge becomes your  “Point Person”. for tasks such as go to your home, pack a bag with personal items, clothes, a book, bring in the mail.  While you are away, we will bring in the mail, make sure all is in order for your arrival home.

Preparations while you are in the hospital:  

we will stock your refrigerator, refresh you bed with clean linens, do what needs to be done for your arrival at home to be in a safe environment.

When it is time to return home, we will pick you up in your car, run any last minute errands you wish to do and settle you in at home.

Time to Heal:

Patients heal faster if they can rest the first 14 to 21 days and don’t have to stress about the daily chores. Friends are wonderful, but Admiral Concierge can handle the non-medical needs, chores, so your friends can comfort you. During the first critical weeks, Admiral Concierge will relieve you and your loved ones of these tasks. Hannah has been there with hip replacement….she is a great healing coach and knows what it is all about.

Those last weeks of recuperating can be long hours.  While you are recovering we will take quality time to begin downsizing with Hannah?  It is amazing what you can accomplish in minutes.  

  • Organize drawers
  • Clear out the refrigerator
  • Sort through old documents
  • Be objective about old clothes

You will be surprised at what can be accomplished in a few weeks.