Lawyers, Financial Planners, Trust Officers, Banking, Insurance Agencies

Admiral Concierge partners with the estate trust officers  to assist with clients and be more cost effective.  We become the personal assistant for their client.  We help navigate their life; assist with downsizing, clearing the clutter;organizing documents and items for the family.

When Admiral Concierge is the personal assistant we assist the family with the bereavement process  We assist  coordination with the funeral directors, the arrival of family  to Celebration of Life to when  it comes time to transitioning, downsizing and finalizing an estate.

Admiral Concierge oversees the appointments, navigates the downsizing of an estate, whether it be to auction houses, through estate sales, donations  or liquidations.  We will pack up the items for the family members,transition all moving arrangements for the estate. This is done with the vast resources of Admiral Concierge we will get the job accomplished.

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