Transitioning in the Home

The goal is to keep our  clients safe and comfortable  in their homes;  remain independent and  in control of their lives with better quality of life.

When Admiral Concierge is a part of her client’s life,  their home will become more organized, simplified, and the clutter begins to disappear.  Clients begin to see that they have a new home in many aspects and may decide to stay in their home;  make updates to bathrooms, kitchens  or begin the move process.

Our clients become more in control and find they have options they never thought about.

When it comes time for a move, Admiral Concierge will be with you to navigate  the process with positive and joyful results.  As well, if there is a move it will be more cost effective as the downsizing has already taken place.

Hannah wishes for daughters, sons, niece, nephews to remain in their professions be the best at what they do while she assists them or their  loved one to be independent and guilt free.

Hannah understands from her personal experience (Read her Bio) with her parents.

Admiral Concierge Resources will be available at all times

Admiral Concierge  has an active Resource Bank; active with many Senior Networking groups, Social Services, Assisted Living properties, Chambers of Commerce, Hospital venues, Elder Services of the North Shore, Pace, Hospice, BNI MA.  Why……

The ultimate goal to  find the appropriate answers for my clients. If Admiral Concierge is unable to accomplish the job we will try to find the right vendor to assist you with what needs to be accomplished.