The Story as to “Why” Admiral Concierge was Launched

Hannah was the adult caregiver to her parents who resided in an historic village residence, 60 Linden Road, Pinehurst, North Carolina from 1972 to 2000. Her Father died of ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease (1985). He was the first respiratory patient in the state of North Carolina to go home from Duke University Hospital in 1983 with Home Care Assistance to die. He lived for two years because of the love he received from his family, friends and caregivers.  End of life in 1985 was very difficult as we did not have Hospice.

Hannah's Mom and Dad Playing golf with Mom in Pinehurst

Hannah and her Mom spent 15 wonderful years playing golf; enjoying each others company and in 1997 her Mom was suddenly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  One afternoon her body froze on her as she pulled in to her driveway. She never drove again (as far as we know).

Fortunately for Hannah and her siblings,  Her Mom received a call that night that led to her introduction to  Connie, which led to the story about how Admiral Concierge was conceived.

Hannah’s  mom surrendered her car keys and said I need groceries.  Connie became Mom’s  personal assistant.  She oversaw home management duties performed by gardeners, house cleaners;  Connie was Hannah’s advocate.

Hannah’s Mom was able to keep her independence; Hannah and her brothers were able to be the daughter and sons and more importantly keep their jobs elsewhere.

Connie gave such wonderful personal assistance with care, comfort and compassion. She oversaw the day to day care.  As the Parkinson’s progressed Connie assisted with adding home health aides,while continuing to oversee property management through the last act of our life with our Mom.

In December, 1999, the infamous “Fall” occurred and the house was no longer safe for her Mom to live in.   Connie assisted Hannah with transitioning in to  an assisted living facility. on December 31, 1999.  March, 2000, Mom died with the care of Hospice in the assisted living with her beautiful furniture, friends and family with her.

Connie then became Hannah’s personal concierge;  assisted with funeral and celebration of life arrangements; coordinated the move back in to the house from the assisted living, to helping with the downsizing of the estate; to  coordinate the movers, cleaners, to the turn key in May, 2000.

This is my “Why” for the decision in 2011 to  launch Admiral Concierge. Hannah wishes to help others be able to be the sons, daughters, nieces and nephews, friends and allow Admiral Concierge to be the Caregiver.

Hannah’s personal story…will be written some day to tell the story of her loss with her husband in 2011 and how Admiral Concierge would have been instrumental during their 8 week battle to live.  Hannah now wishes to help those that are going through the journey of Grief.

Hannah will assist you and your loved one as she did for her Mom.